Saturday, October 11, 2014

Still Waiting!!!

Still Waiting To Be Matched

I apologize that our updates have been few and far between lately. There are a few reasons for that, but mainly when you are waiting to be matched with a birth mom, there isn’t much to report. We just simply wait.

Over the past couple of months, we have had several potential situations presented to us. We put a lot of thought and prayer as a family into each of these situations. Unfortunately, we have chosen to pass on being presented to several birth moms for various reasons. So far, we have only chosen to be presented to two birth moms (meaning the birth mom looks over the profile book about our family along with other families books to help her decide which family to choose). Both of the birth moms that we presented to decided to keep their baby in the end.

Recently, I have started to become really anxious about the whole process. As you wait, you wonder things like: Will we come across a situation that it is actually one we can realistically handle and nurture? Will we ever be matched? Can we afford this? Will the “right” situation for our family come along?

Without getting into too many details (because the situation for each birth mom is private), drugs seem to be a common factor in the majority of these situations. I share this example because it’s a pretty common and well-known example in the adoption world. In an open adoption, which is what we would like, the birth mother would hopefully be a part of our lives if they choose to be. We, however, are not willing to have Jacob and the baby be around a birth mom (or anyone for that matter) who is under the influence of drugs. If the birth mom is in and out of jail, that is another factor that would need to be explained to the kids. Because we have more than ourselves to worry about, we are hesitant when presented with these situations. We always have to think in the long term. How will this choice affect our family in the long run? This may offend people, but this is our reality. Either God needs to open our hearts to situations we don’t feel we can take on, or we just have to wait for potentially a very long time until we are presented with a situation that feels “right.” I was recently told that Ryan and I should open our heart to a drug-exposed child. The conversation was long, but they went on to say in a nutshell that if I’m not able to have a baby, then I should be open to any situation presented to me. Maybe that is true, however, just because I can’t have a baby doesn’t mean that my family isn’t deserving of a situation that feels right for each of us (drug exposed or not).  I know that God already has this baby picked out for us. Ryan, Jacob, and I will continue to practice patience and faith until we meet our little one. As always, we appreciate your support, kind words, and encouragement.

Below is a picture of the FINISHED puzzle!

I’m still in shock that you all helped us raise over $10,000
You will never know how much your generosity will forever mean to us.