Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Long Overdue Update

Long Overdue Update

The past month has been BUSY and I apologize for not posting an update sooner. Adoption paperwork, phone calls, and tons of little tasks here and there can seriously take all day and every second of your time if you let it. As I approached the last two weeks of school in June, I wanted 100% of my focus to be with my students. They deserved for me to be completely focused on them before they walked out my classroom for summer. Right when school got out, I immediately hopped a flight to visit my sister’s family in California and when I came back, I decided to take a week to myself and relax. Basically, after devoting all of my spare time to our adoption since the beginning of February, I needed a small break. I have had many people call and send messages this past week asking for an update.

Here it is:
We got our home study report back about 3 weeks ago and it was approved!!! This means we are ready to move forward with attempting to be “matched” with a birth mom. We can be matched next week or we can be matched a year from now. The time frame is uncertain, but we know and pray that whatever plan God has in store for us will be perfect. Waiting is hard and patience runs deep in this process. I’m sure our family will be presented to several birth moms and we will face rejection along the way. We know that we can be matched & a birth mom can change her mind. We know that we might be in the room while our baby is born and in the end, the birth mom chooses to parent the baby. The “what ifs” can damage us through this process and that’s why we are relying on a lot HOPE and a tremendous amount FAITH. The path for our journey has already been paved for us, so we will just continue to follow it until we have our baby in our arms. The next couple of weeks will consist of applying to multiple agencies (this is what you do when you work with a consultant like we are) and search for birth moms that we would like our family to be presented to. The birth mom would then look at our profile book, along with several other families profile books, and pick the family they want for their baby. Wish us luck, send prayers, keep us in your thoughts, whatever you do, as we begin the process we have been working months and months toward beginning.   

As for the puzzle, I am finishing putting names on the last of the pieces. We still had donations coming in until recently, so I wanted to include everybody who donated. I will post pictures of the finished product soon. I’m having a hard time finding the right size double-sided glass frame for the puzzle. My search will continue for that as well. Thank you all for your well wishes along the way.

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